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Driving the Future of Work & Team Collaboration with Employee Engagement Analytics

Collaboration Dynamics
October 20, 2022
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See how Time is Ltd.’s Employee Engagement Analytics provides business leaders with a clear understanding of employee collaboration to enhance productivity, lower operating costs, and drive employee engagement forward.

Effective collaboration and employee engagement is the key to business success. Afterall, “teamwork makes the dreamwork.” Countless books, seminars, and business schools have focused on the concept of teamwork - and building winning teams - as well as methods for achieving productivity. These ideas in theory work great, but it doesn’t account for the human element nor does it offer a way to measure their activity or progress

And by human element, we’re referring to data that shows:

  1. how teams collaborate 
  2. how much they collaborate - the frequency and volume of that interaction 
  3. where they collaborate 
  4. and if collaboration actually hinders ‘focused work’ (distracts from output) 
“Engagement is not an event, an incentive program or a fun perk. While being engaged at work does feel good, it's not a feel-good, team building activity. It is created on a daily basis through one's work environment and relationships”. - Gallup 

Do you think any manager in your organization could answer these questions with data? 

  1. “What does your team collaboration look like?”  
  2. “Is your team effective?” 
  3. “How do you measure collaboration or track employee engagement?” 
  4. "How much is collaboration costing vs. saving you?”
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Most likely your managers aren’t set up to effectively answer critical questions like this,  Or if they try, then they’d rely on signals such as turnover, outdated/anonymous employee engagement surveys, or department KPIs. Compound this with the acceleration of digital tool usage and mix in hybrid or fully remote working environments, and answering these questions becomes virtually impossible. Until NOW…

Boost the Employee Experience by Measuring Employee Engagement & Productivity 

Time is Ltd.’s Employee Engagement Analytics provides HR and Operations leaders with unprecedented employee productivity and engagement insights to transform workplace culture. Our platform enables you to evaluate the factors that impact employee engagement: collaboration, onboarding, meeting culture, and digital tool sprawl. You’ll be able to immediately identify where you can improve collaboration, enhance productivity, lower operating costs, and drive employee engagement forward.

“Our new and improved platform encourages managers to understand where their employees might need extra care/help, time, and information. Our clients have seen a decrease in silos and an increase in networking after applying insights gained from our Sociomaps. These actions are aimed at fostering a better employee experience for all who work at the company”. - Laura McCormack, Head of Product Marketing at Time is Ltd.

By pulling in your collaboration data by simply connecting your favorite collaboration tools such as Slack, Zoom, Google Workspace, Microsoft Viva & Workplace Analytics, and Salesforce, you can make sense of your company’s chaotic digital collaboration dynamics and get a clear picture of how your teams work together. Our proprietary technology called a Sociomap, offers a powerful visualization to show how departments are engaging with each other at the macro-level, how closely, and their proximity to each other so that you can see the volume of that collaboration. 

Time is Ltd. Sociomap Showcasing Cross Company Collaboration 

Time is Ltd. Sociomap showcasing cross company collaboration, and demonstrates the proximity of how closely departments work together. 

Time is Ltd. Answers the Million $$$ Questions About Employee Productivity 

Time is Ltd. empowers SMBs to the modern enterprise to create more effective and healthy workplaces through data. Users will gain optics into their meeting culture, how to foster better communication, and reduce digital distraction to maximize productivity and decrease burnout. Our Sociomaps visualizes team collaboration in a simple and digestible way so that managers can point to the data and implement best practices that ensure the right teams are communicating on the right platforms. creates more effective and efficient communication that reduces costs across the organization. And an added benefit, improved communication leads to less strain on human resources and a better employee experience

This is a visual depicting how third party applications connect with the Time is Ltd. platform 

Time is Ltd.’s Employee Engagement Analytics in Action 

By partnering with Time is Ltd. you have the power to leverage collaboration data and apply it to solve a variety of different challenges to your business. You'll see what collaboration looks like across the entire organization or specific teams - and where that communication is taking place, where time is being spent, and whether it’s harming the employee experience. Not only does this help you foster a thriving and productive workforce, but it drives hard savings on your bottom line. Here are just a few of the ways that companies across a number of sectors are reshaping their company dynamics:

  • Employee Engagement & Experience - Identify disengaged teams, see where silo’s exist across the business, and see if/how tool usage is disrupting focus time.
  • Meeting Efficiency - Within hours of setting up Time is Ltd., you’ll have the necessary insights to improve your meeting effectiveness and save thousands of dollars of wasted time. 
  • Employee Onboarding - Every employee you hire has a real cost associated with it. So why not invest in setting these employees up for success? By leveraging insights like a new hire’s network size and more, you’ll have the power to get new employees up to speed quicker.
  • Collaboration Tool Sprawl - Is Slack helping collaboration or is it distracting employees from getting their work done? With Employee Engagement Analytics, you’ll know exactly how to redeploy your digital tools to enhance collaboration, not distract from it.
  • Hybrid vs. Remote vs. In-office work - Have different teams in different working environments? Want to know how this impacts productivity? No problem. Our team has the data intelligence to create a working environment that is as effective as possible.
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The Takeaway 

It’s important to keep in mind that while we’re using data and analytics, these data points are actual human beings that need care, support, and encouragement to complete their tasks and have a good experience at work. Often, leadership looks at how they can reduce the costs on the bottom line, while overlooking the human element entirely, which is the lynchpin of work itself. Through collaboration data, you’ll be able to make changes that have a massive impact on improving the bottom line while keeping employee morale high. A win-win where strengthening team performance can contribute to a positive workplace culture, employee experience, and so much more. 

In addition to Time is Ltd. platform, we offer knowledge-based advantages through our data scientists and account managers that help you take the right steps towards implementing new procedures to improve employee wellbeing. To learn more and receive a customized consultation, get in touch at

Article by
Lexie McCulloch
A marketing professional with 7+ years of content management expertise with a history of international experience working in startups and high-growth companies.
Article by
Lexie McCulloch
A marketing professional with 7+ years of content management expertise with a history of international experience working in startups and high-growth companies.

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