How to Measure & Build an Effective Employee Experience

Learn how to navigate a rapidly changing environment and drive employee engagement, productivity, and collaboration to ultimately improve your bottom line.

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Join Founder and CEO, Jan Rezab, as he discusses how to navigate a rapidly changing talent environment and drive employee engagement, productivity, and collaboration; all of which will drive hard financial results. As we know, times have changed. That’s why it’s high time to change the way your business gets work done.

By utilizing collaboration insights you can take control of the employee experience, avoid aggressive turnover, and improve the wellbeing (and productivity) of your employees. In this webinar, we’ll cover critical topics such as:

We provide analytics on:

  • Workplace dynamics - Understand exactly how your employees collaborate and identify inefficiencies that are costing your company thousands
  • Digital transformation - Take control of tool sprawl to save money, enhance communication, and improve productivity
  • Hybrid way of work - Understand they type of office setup (remote, hybrid, or in-office) that will work best for every team in your company
  • External engagement - Track how your revenue-facing teams are interacting with prospects and clients. Leverage these insights to drive client retention and new business.

Watch our webinar to learn how to utilize this data to enhance and arm your managers with the best information available to them to elevate their teams.