Unlock Sales Collaboration Clarity: Analyze Email & Calendar Interactions, No CRM Required

Leverage collaboration data to save time and close more business

Pinpoint Sales Tactics: Uncover Behaviours that Drive Deal Success
Focus Accurately: Prioritize Key Accounts
Understand internal overhead to see what you are waiting for

Streamline & Refocus: Minimize Internal Time and Target the Right Accounts for Success

of sales teams' time
is spent internally.
Understand where!
Measuring External Collaboration: Sales Team Time Allocation Insights
Collaboration Activity
Daily External Collaboration: Assessing Time Investment Per Person

Boost Your Team's Performance: Unleash a Smarter Strategy with Our Sales Analytics

  • Automatically get weekly reports from your calendar and email data
  • Swift Onboarding: Access Sales Insights Today
  • Reports don't miss any activities like CRM usually does
  • Real-time insights into your team’s sales activities
  • First sales assistant to get visibility into internal activity
  • Data-driven recommendations to improve productivity

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Calendar Analytics
Understand the dynamics of your top 20 team members.
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Sales Analytics
Access your team's collaboration data without the need for a CRM.
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Calendar Analytics Features plus:
Up to 100 employees
Calendar analytics
Email analytics
90 Days history
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Enterprise Sales Analytics
A solution tailored to your sales team.
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All of Sales Analytics Features plus:
Calendar analytics
Email analytics
Chat analytics
Video conferencing analytics
Customized Company Structure
12+ Month History
250+ Metrics
Saleforce integration

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