Gain precise sales collaboration insights from email and calendar interactions, without the need for CRM data

Leverage collaboration data to save time and close more business

Identify the sales behavior that leads to more deals
Ensure the correct accounts get enough attention
Lower overhead with advanced activity tracking

Companies typically spend too much time on the wrong customers

of sales teams' time
is spent internally
How much time do our sales teams spend collaborating externally?
Collaboration Activity
How much time do we spend on external collaborative activity per person per day?

But there's a better way... introducing
Sales Analytics

  • Automatically built  reports from your calendar and email data
  • Self-service onboarding
  • Fast onboarding with the first report in minutes
  • Real-time insights into your team’s sales activities
  • Visibility into internal activity
  • Data-driven recommendations to improve productivity

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Understand the dynamics of your top 20 team members.
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Access your team's collaboration data without the need for a CRM.
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