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Privacy-Minded Collaboration & Productivity Analytics

How we protect your employees

Data Privacy & Ethics of our Analysis

Privacy-Minded Analytics for Change Management

We are the world’s first time analytics platform to help gather Google Workspace, Office 365, calendar, and email data in one place. Our privacy  minded approach that strictly only aggregates meta-data from Office 365, Google Workspace, Slack, Webex, Zoom, and Salesforce can give you a competitive edge to reduce inefficiency at a company-wide level. At the same time it's key to do it with privacy in mind.

How we approach data privacy?
  • We aggregate at team or department level

  • We primarily analyze interaction frequency

  • We are against software or browser history monitoring

Things we are against
  • We do not analyze content of messages

  • We want to make sure individuals privacy is respected

  • We can mask data with our open source data sanitization proxy

Pseudonymization of Personal Identifiable Information
Our approach
How we approach data privacy?
  • We do not expose individuals

  • We do not read/ analyze text

  • We do not monitor browsing history

No browsing history monitoring
We do not monitor browsing history
  • We analyze context: interaction frequency

  • We always aggregate on a team level

  • We always mask the data to protect our clients and ourselves

More about features

How We Do It?

We respect privacy of individuals of the company. We are not here to analyze individuals - we are here to understand collaboration patterns.

Terms & Conditions

Sign Terms & Conditions

Immediate - Few hours
Usually 2 video calls and a little back & forth

Steps: Review and confirm Terms & Conditions, Data Processing Agreement.
Either approve our online terms and DPA, or for enterprise clients, reach out directly with your contract.

Data Access

How to Get Data From Platforms

15 minutes - 1 hour

We need these from you.

Data from Platforms
IT Team

IT platform Admin confirms the access (1 click token) to the required data loads into the Time is Ltd. platform.

HR Org. Structure
HR Team

HR uploads or sends standard HR export (name, email, position…) in order to correctly categorize into teams.

Data Aggregation

We Aggregate and
Anonymize the Data


Standard Step: Pseudonymization enhances privacy by replacing most identifying fields within a data record by one or more artificial identifiers, or pseudonyms. Pseudonymization is one of the options encouraged by GDPR laws.


Data Sanitization for Personal Information

Remove Certain Data
on Your Private Cloud

1 day

Optional Step is to sanitize certain information. Either for regulation or privacy reasons, we can mask Personal Identifiable Information, and remove certain sensitive elements. You launch a piece of our open-source anonymizer code on your private cloud (tokens stays there), and data flows to our servers cleaned from this data. Data refreshes automatically and your IT is in full control.
WARNING: Depending on what data is removed, certain parts of the analysis can be missing due to the inefficient data context.

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We Provide You With Our Report

1 day

Time is Ltd. generates reports and helps you onboard. Platform training and data interpretation provided. Login the "Client Zone" button on the top right.

Insights & Report

We are EU GDPR Compliant

There are two ways of the anonymization: standard anonymization that we apply if not stated other, and anonymization for companies with special restrictions. We are a fully GDPR compliant processor and all data is processed within the European Union.

All the data are aggregated on a team level unless there is an opt-in for individual analysis. Anonymization on the client-side is recommended for regulated industries (Banking, Telco).

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Frequently Asked Questions

List your Data Processors on your intranet or other internal working space where all of the employees can access that third parties process the company data.

Time is Ltd. platform needs permission: “Read-only”

The data is stored within EU borders. The data are transferred through secure HTTPS channel, encrypted and stored at EU (GDPR) compliant server clusters in the Google Cloud (just like any other software companies do, e.g., Google, Microsoft)

Your data: According to GDPR, and as a data controller, you are obliged to be GDPR compliant. For more information, see the official EU website.

At Time is Ltd. the anonymization key is granted by Cyril Höschl, CTO of our company, only.  In the case of custom views, we generate anonymization key to enable individual access for the business analysis. Otherwise, we do not access the data. Anonymization key protects our employees from seeing personal data.