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Workplace Productivity Analytics & Insights Platform

Improve your company’s productivity by turning your communications flow, calendar, Slack and other data into easy-to-understand insights. Quantify how your company actually works to uncover trends and team dynamics. Empower yourself to create effective workplace culture interventions during business transformation, corporate changes or while tracking sales team performance.

Turn your business data into actionable productivity insights today!

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Meetingitis - the state of having too many meetings, leading to wasted time and loss of productivity

Poorly managed and overly frequent meetings are getting in the way of work that matters in nearly every company today – draining the productive time of employees. According to a Harvard Business Review survey, senior managers across industries reported:


said meetings keep them from
completing their own work


per month is being
wasted away


said meetings are
unproductive and inefficient

Empower managers and company leadership with actionable time and productivity insights

Your company is a living organism that is evolving from day to day. Now you can visualize how the implementation of modern productivity and collaboration tools (Office 365, G Suite, Slack, video-conferencing, and more) actually impacts company culture and collaboration. See how time management practices (“No-meeting Fridays”) affect your organization’s communication flow and time spent.

Visualize company and team dynamics in intuitive graphs

See how your company communication flow and team dynamics function with intuitive 3D sociomapping. Every team manager and company leader can gain easy-to-understand insights they can use in minutes.

Team Dynamics by Time Is Ltd.
Companies change dynamically over time, as they grow, as their industry changes, as the business develops. This sample company started as a heavily IT development driven company in Q1. Creating/improving software was the top priority to start the business.
No product can sell itself without marketing. In Q2 the marketing department is starting to engage in conversations with the Development department to prepare the launch campaign.
In Q3 the Marketing department is now playing a significant role in preparing the launch of a campaign. Development department does not need to be involved in marketing discussions anymore. Moreover, the Sales department is starting to engage more in conversations with Marketing.
In Q4 the Sales department is taking over the lead of the business and pushing the product to the market with the strong support of the Marketing department.
"Have you ever been to a meeting and wondered, ‘why am I here?’ We are on a mission to stop this from happening, one company at a time.”
Jan Rezab, CEO & Founder of Time Is Ltd.

Track the impact of productivity tools

The web is full of recommendations, productivity tools, and so-called best practices – which of these actually work? Whether deploying Agile or tracking sales team performance, you need to rely on systems that truly support your business. See how integrated communication & collaboration tools like Slack actually affect organizational productivity and communication flow.


Make smarter decisions grounded in data

Business decisions should be based on data, not on your gut feeling. Time dashboards provide actionable insights on how time spent develops within your organization. Quantitative data on meetings give you a host of insights: Internal/external meetings ratio, Number of attendees, Meetings length, Decline rate, Business hours, Time planning, Time spent, Seasonality.

FREE Meeting Rating Tool

Providing constructive feedback is a sign of a healthy company culture. Our free Meeting Rating Tool enables people to be transparent and give each other essential feedback on the value of time spent, helping teams in your company become aware of and improve meeting quality.

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