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Height & colour signalizes level of communication in your department.

Distance between peaks indicates number of interactions between the teams

Lows are indicating weak communication in your department

Build the most engaged, collaborative workplace

Drive productivity, collaboration, and employee satisfaction with our integrated platform analytics and team leader recommendation engine

Drive Engagement
Sales Department

Why partner with Time is Ltd.?

Improved team performance and collaboration translates into improved company performance. We'll help you get there.

Improve Meeting Culture

Eliminate redundant meetings to save an estimated 118,800 work hours per year. 

Drive Collaboration

Improving collaboration to increase productivity by 25%

Focus on Wellbeing

Companies that focus on employee wellbeing outperform the S&P 500 by 220%

Dive into 400+ collaboration & communication metrics.

Time is Ltd. Analytics empowers leadership teams to understand team dynamics, communication patterns, meeting culture, and much more

Select different
views and tools
All of your teams,
Select your
See the big picture, or
drill down by department

Distribute insights & drive bottom-up change with TiL 4 Teams

Provide team leaders with dynamic insights and actionable recommendations to improve employee engagement and empowerment.

More about TiL 4 Teams

How does it work?

A 360 degree view of team dynamics to enact better policies and drive positive change.

Connect communication & collaboration data
Upload org chart data
Advanced analytics for meaningful workplace insights
Recommendation engine to improve meeting, communication & collaboration culture

Drive collaboration, free up employee time, and revolutionise the way your company works

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What’s the process of implementation?

It is not that difficult, we promise. Check out our implementation page.


What our partners say

“We used Time is Ltd. analysis to understand meeting patterns of our team and identify areas to improve. Subsequently, we changed several practices such as meeting length and frequency but also their focus and content. Doing so, we freed up people’s time for other valuable interactions and focused individual work.”

Petr Smid, Google, Head of Marketing CEE

“Thanks to the Time is Ltd. analysis we found valuable and interesting correlations between successful customer care, product, and service offering on one side and on the other side correlation with sociodemographic characteristics of ČS advisors and clients.”

Filip Hrubý, Spokesperson, Financial group of ČS (ERSTE Group)

Interesting numbers

Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review research shows that out of the "surveyed 182 senior managers in a range of industries: 65% said meetings keep them from completing their own work. 71% said meetings are unproductive and inefficient. 64% said meetings come at the expense of deep thinking. 62% said meetings miss opportunities to bring the team closer together."

(Perlow, Hadley, Eun; 2017, Stop the meeting madness, Harvard Business Review)