Meet Amy

As her company's CRO, she's constantly looking into how to have a more efficient sales operation. Amy has invested a lot of time into managing her team and keeping an eye on their daily activities. 

But Amy has a problem. With a big team using lots of communication tools, it's hard for her to get a grasp on exactly what is the best prospecting path.
And every one of her team members believe THEY have the best outreach method.
Amy was frustrated she didn’t have a handle on her team's activities...
Something had to change. She simply didn't have the data insights to tell her team "This is the path to closing more business."

Then she found

Time is Ltd. identify her sales members external pitching behavior.
And by pulling in SalesForce data. She could now correlate the right behavior to generate more revenue.
Amy felt relief. She now had the insight needed to create the most effective team to generate new business.

Learn How Amy Closed More Deals

Customer Engagement Analytics
Employee Engagement Analytics
Collaboration Tool Sprawl

Time is Ltd. is more than analytics.

With insights tailored to her, Amy has the knowledge to create a highly productive revenue team.
Track conversations with high revenue customers.
Close more business, retain more customers.


Wasted time


revenue growth



Amy is no longer lost.
She now knows exactly what to do.

Become a revolutionary revenue leader
and reshape how deals get done.

Client quotes

Martin Latal
Change Manager, Siemens
"Time is Ltd. gave us the ability to visualize our performance across important metrics that helped us understand our workplace from a macro perspective. We learned where time was being wasted, how we were collaborating, and where the inefficiencies were hiding."
Mark Romagnoli
SVP of Operations, Wave Sports + Entertainment
"Time is Ltd.’s core product created a 360° view of our entire digital communication and collaboration system, we're confidently improving our hiring, onboarding, and new employee engagement all of which are critical to continuing to successfully scale our business."
Filip Hrubý
Spokeperson, Financial group of ČS (ERSTE Group)
“Thanks to the Time is Ltd. analysis we found valuable and interesting correlations between successful customer care, product, and service offering on one side and on the other side correlation with sociodemographic characteristics of ČS advisors and clients.”

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Combined with an overabundance of redundant meetings, employees were increasingly separated from their actual, value-creating work.

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