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Lin started their own business in the IT industry a decade ago. With a small, skillful team, and an uncanny ability to cultivate new business, the company grew quickly and gained a significant foothold in the market.

With growth, came more team members, a bigger office, and other challenges
that come with moving from 5 people in a garage to serving tailored IT services to Fortune 500 companies. Lin noticed that the company's growing teams were delivering high-quality work, but productivity and efficiency were down, and everything at work started to feel more distant.
Soon, the first client complaints about unmet deadlines started coming in
For Lin, this was unacceptable — the company was their baby, and the product was Lin's life's work.
After several meetings with key employees and managers, it was clear there was no single issue — unproductive processes, broken communication between and within departments, chaotic planning, were all contributing to inefficiency and low employee morale. Lin knew that this couldn't go on - but, everyone saw the issue somewhere else, and it seemed impossible to pinpoint the core problems, let alone address them head-on.

Lin ran into an old friend who had faced similar problems, and that's when they learned about

The solution was exactly what Lin needed.
Lin was able to identify and address collaboration bottlenecks, email overload, and an unproductive meeting culture.
Now, Lin knows where their team leaders need to focus, how to set attainable and actionable goals, and get employees back on track.

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Meeting Efficiency
Employee Wellbeing
Collaboration Tool Sprawl

It's more than just numbers and visualizations

Time is Ltd. offers Lin a data-powered solution that’s tailored to their teams' specific needs.
Track engagement, reduce overtime
Effective communication, collaboration


Ineffective Meetings


employee Engagement



With Time is Ltd., Lin gets data-driven guidance tailored to different roles and needs within the company.

Now, they know where team leaders need to focus, what tools are taking up too much time, and how to distribute work more effectively.

Client quotes

Martin Latal
Change Manager, Siemens
"Time is Ltd. gave us the ability to visualize our performance across important metrics that helped us understand our workplace from a macro perspective. We learned where time was being wasted, how we were collaborating, and where the inefficiencies were hiding."
Mark Romagnoli
SVP of Operations, Wave Sports + Entertainment
"Time is Ltd.’s core product created a 360° view of our entire digital communication and collaboration system, we're confidently improving our hiring, onboarding, and new employee engagement all of which are critical to continuing to successfully scale our business."
Filip Hrubý
Spokeperson, Financial group of ČS (ERSTE Group)
“Thanks to the Time is Ltd. analysis we found valuable and interesting correlations between successful customer care, product, and service offering on one side and on the other side correlation with sociodemographic characteristics of ČS advisors and clients.”

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Combined with an overabundance of redundant meetings, employees were increasingly separated from their actual, value-creating work.

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