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How to Unlock Google Calendar Analytics to Optimize Your Time Management in the Workplace

Meeting Culture / Effectiveness
November 17, 2022
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Improve you and your teams of up to 20 people’s meeting health to boost productivity. Connect your Google Calendar, unlock data within seconds, analyze your Google calendar, and optimize your schedule according to the data.

Time management has been a topic that’s been steadily increasing on Google Trends in the past two years. Improving employee productivity during uncertain economic times is a hot topic. No wonder business leaders and productivity mavens are looking for ways to optimize their work calendars in an era of constant Slack notifications, Instant Messages, email threads, to recurring meetings that worked to replace in-person interaction. It seems we're all constantly looking for ways to make the most of our time. No matter if you work at the office, in a hybrid work setting, or work from home, we can all agree that time is the most precious commodity in the workplace. Unfortunately various collaboration activities are clamoring for attention in the modern workplace - and that can be costing your company thousands of dollars

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If you’re like most people, you likely use your Google Calendar for time management - across your professional and personal life. Google Calendar time insights can be a treasure trove of information for knowing where you spend your time. The truth is, most people don’t leverage Google Calendar insights to manage their time - plus it’s laborious. That’s why we built Time is Ltd.‘s  FREE Calendar Analytics app to offer an easy way to pull Google Calendar data and automate the analysis for you in a hassle-free way. Simply download and install our app on Google Workspace Marketplace to get started. 

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Screenshot of Time is Ltd.'s Calendar Analytics App

Take Control of Your Google Calendar & See What’s Sucking Up Your Time to Improve Your Time Management Skills in the Workplace 

To measure or improve your time management skills, you first need to see what collaboration activities are consuming your time. We launched Time is Ltd.‘s  FREE Calendar Analytics app on Google Workspace Marketplace. This calendar feature gives you a concrete overview of where you and your team members’ time is being spent. You’ll quickly discover what your company meeting culture looks like - what meetings you attend most often and with whom. These insights are incredibly valuable for optimizing how you spend your time so that you can unlock your time management superpowers. Let’s discuss how you can leverage this free Calendar Analytics app to improve your productivity.

What are the 7 Benefits of the Time is Ltd. Calendar Analytics?

After installing the Calendar Analytics plug-in on Google Workspace Marketplace and connecting with your Gmail account, we’ll sync and aggregate the data within just 30 seconds. You’ll get an overview of the top partners you engage with, and also how often you meet internally. One glance and you’ll see where you and your team have been spending time over the past 30 and 60 days. 

  1. See CRM Data without needing a CRM for business 
  2. Easy to install & get team insights in seconds  
  3. One place for a team calendar breakdown 
  4. A high-level overview with who you meet with most frequently 
  5. Insights on your team members’ collaboration activity 
  6. See how much you collaborate with partners externally 
  7. The number of 1:1 meetings  

How Sales Leaders Can Boost Sales Performance With The Use Of Time is Ltd. Calendar Analytics 

We designed our Calendar Analytics app with the sales executive in mind. Revolutionizing collaboration starts here because whether you’re interested in improving employee productivity, enhancing collaboration, or want to create a more effective sales team, this is an easy way to put change management in motion. The biggest value is seeing which external partners you’re engaging with most without needing to export data from a CRM! The long and short of it is that sales leaders can quickly see how much internal resources are being used per sales person and per account; this is very useful for complex enterprise deals or Customer Success. 

“Get an immediate breakdown of your team time spent across team engagement, internally, and externally. You’ll get an understanding of the exact activities happening and not just some declared activities in a CRM - but real stuff.” - Jan Rezab, CEO & Founder of Time is Ltd.  

Sales leaders can get a breakdown of external partners and see what activities are completed, offer help, or adjust their workload. Using our Sociomap, you’ll see your teams’ collaboration behavior in a digestible way. In other words, it’s used to measure your team relationships - the closer you are to your colleagues - the more meetings you have together, and the geographical height represents the volume of meetings. 

The Takeaway 

If you’re a manager, you can leverage Calendar Analytics to see where your teams’ time is being allocated so you can reduce redundancies, useless meetings, or track your 1:1 meetings. Productivity Maven? Get a grip of your calendar so you can cut the waste, we give you that visibility.

Article by
Time is Ltd. team
Article by
Time is Ltd. team

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