Collaboration Tool Sprawl

Managing your collaboration infrastructure effectively makes all the difference. Identify the tools that work best — and worst — for your teams, and increase focus time.


The Problem

Businesses of all sizes have invested heavily in collaboration tools, and don’t understand how each one contributes to engagement, productivity, and collaboration — nor how each tool should be used by a given team.

Excessive investment and broken collaboration is impacting productivity and morale


of cross-company emails have an attachment

Focus rate for managers


Employees who have a positive employee experience are 8x likely to stay

Collaboration tool sprawl affects nearly every company, but it can be solved by analyzing which tools are used most effectively and offboarding the rest.

With Time is Ltd., businesses can build effective and engaging virtual environments that increase productivity, engagement, and employee satisfaction.

Productive meeting culture
With insight on multitasking during meetings, percentage of meetings with an agenda, and much more; leaders have the insight needed to get their meeting culture right.
Meetings should add to the employee experience
Collaborating with your colleagues is not only necessary, but it should also add to the employee experience. However, too many meetings directly correlate with after-hours work and additional stress.
Visualize Collaboration Across Departments
Our proprietary sociomapping technology empowers leaders to visualize company dynamics in a clear, easy-to-understand way. With company-wide, department, and team-level views, leaders can resolve sources of disengagement, foster collaboration, and drive productivity.
Proprietary Sociomapping
Save Money and Reduce Inefficiencies
We all know there are times when meetings, Slack, or email is lowering productivity. By identifying those moments with the integration and analysis across all tools to empower leaders to make changes that increase productivity, lower overhead costs, and improve the employee experience. It's a win-win-win.
Reduce Costs
Understand the ROI of Collaboration Tools
Tool sprawl is real. As any company grows, different teams will adopt new tools with the intention of solving a short-term problem. But the functionality of many tools overlaps, which is why it's critical to have a centralized view of tool usage. That way leaders can shift budgets and reorganize tool stacks to best fit the needs of their employees.
Tool Adoption
Proprietary Sociomapping
Reduce Costs
Digital Transformation
Tool Adoption
Work from Home

The Solution

Right-sizing your collaboration environment will pay dividends across the organization. Get everyone on the same page, in the same platforms, working effectively both within and across teams, and watch engagement, productivity, and wellbeing increase.







See how Time is Ltd. can help you stem collaboration tool sprawl and give your employees more time to focus on their most important, impactful work.


A data-driven approach to understanding and improving employee experience onboarding, meeting culture, and email in your organization.

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