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Time is Ltd. Deepens Slack Analytics for Business & The Future of Work

April 27, 2022
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Time is Ltd. is taking Slack Analytics to a new level with advanced workplace insights.

For the first time, organizations will have the power to unlock actionable data, game-changing metrics, and derive unprecedented insights on employee collaboration at the team, departments, and company-wide level. Read the original press release here

How Time is Limited Advanced Slack Analytics Offer a Powerful Solution for Business & HR Leaders 

Organizations the world over are struggling to improve collaboration amongst teams and across the digital landscape with their remote and hybrid environments. They’re looking to prioritize employee satisfaction, streamline communication methods, boost productivity, and curb a variety of Slack pitfalls. 

The Time is Ltd. platform empowers business leaders to gain a comprehensive understanding of how employees leverage Slack for collaboration. Our robust set of Slack metrics equip users to make data-driven decisions that will lead to a healthy and effective Slack culture. From tracking the number of Slack channels, usage of public and private channels vs. direct messages, and identifying which conversations are siloed. 

Time is Ltd. Analytics visualizes these trends to manage peoples’ communications more effectively, give them more predictability, and have a more focused work day. Specifically, Time is Ltd. users will quickly see extreme inefficiencies, pain points, and areas where they can improve Slack use. 

Protecting Focus Time in the World of Digial Distraction
In this report, we identify sources of distraction in the workplace, define the necessary steps to protect your employees’ focus time, and provide manager’s implementation guidelines every to mitigate the negative effects of digital tool sprawl.
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7 ways to measure employee usage on Slack in the Time is Ltd. platform: 

  1. Engagement: Volume and timing of messages sent per person per day, number of active channels used regularly, proportion of engagement among channel members, comparison of activity by teams or departments, use of ad-hoc Slack calls, and more 
  2. Collaboration: Share of communication happening in direct messages and groups versus in channels, maps of communication across the entire organization, overview of which departments communicate most and least frequently with each other, efficiency of departmental collaboration, and more
  3. Efficiency: Use of threads, analysis of public vs. private channel use, share of time spent in Slack calls versus chats, analysis of duplicated chats and channels reaching the same members, volume of inactive channels,  
  4. Overload and Fatigue: Frequency and cadence of message responses and reactions, analysis of activity taking place during work hours versus after hours, volume of messages in public and private channels that users are exposed to per hour, and more
  5. Focus and Distractions: Share of focus time (i.e. time when employees are not in meetings or checking email or Slack messages), analysis of focus time by team or department, analysis of focus time by day of the week, share of short messages (which at volume have the potential to serve as distractions) versus long messages in channels, and more.
  6. Advanced Analytics: Detailed top-down and bottom-up analysis of Slack behavior, department- and team-specific trends, deep communication and collaboration KPIs, extensive analytics several levels beyond Slack’s native analytics, and more.
  7. Sociomapping: A multi-dimensional map illustrating the dynamics of how teams and departments are communicating.

The Takeaway 

The modern enterprise is challenged with an array of issues that straddle across digital tools, onsite, remote, and hybrid working models. The future of work will continue to depend on the latest collaborative technology. Organizations need to get a handle on how their teams are using them so that they can enable them to do their jobs - not hinder them. 

Time is Ltd. has equipped several organizations with the data to analyze and improve the use of Slack, while boosting engagement and communication efficiency. 

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Article by
Lexie McCulloch
A marketing professional with 7+ years of content management expertise with a history of international experience working in startups and high-growth companies.
Article by
Lexie McCulloch
A marketing professional with 7+ years of content management expertise with a history of international experience working in startups and high-growth companies.

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