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Boost your Salesforce productivity with Time is Ltd.

Jan Rezab
August 25, 2020
Data-driven sales intelligence for Salesforce Sales Cloud! Unique Sociomapping visualization makes Account management easy and supports Salesforce users to work with Contact engagement levels.

See a unique overview of your network at a glance, with Time is Ltd.’s Salesforce Account Relationship Mapping plugin. Our sociomapping tool condenses your communication so you can instantly analyze your accounts and distribute your time wisely.

  • Map your accounts
  • Assess engagement
  • Identify areas of growth

How does our Salesforce plugin improve sales?

As Salesforce users for a decade, we have accumulated a considerable network of accounts. We know first-hand that cultivating solid relationships is time-consuming, with many employees corresponding simultaneously. Salesforce’s own analytics cannot help you manage this expanding web of communication. Use our sociomapping tool to prevent your accounts from growing cold. 

Businesses try to achieve this by separately examining the activities under each account, but this method is inefficient. Seeing the bigger picture gives you a real standpoint from which to identify and leverage areas of growth throughout teams and management. 

What is Sociomapping?

Sociomapping plots your network on a landscape as a visualization of all interactions. No matter how complex or expansive your account history, sociomapping fast facilitates an assessment of all activities. 

Height represents the volume of engagement; distance represents the relationship. If there are 30 points on the map, your map covers 870 individual relationships (30 x 30 - 30), potentially measuring thousands of activities. Use this singular vantage point to navigate, maximize, and nurture these connections. 

Account management at a specific account: Blue contacts are disengaged and losing touch. Connections close to each other have been in together in meetings, emails, and other communication logged in Salesforce.

How our product works

The map below displays a client’s network. Cyril, Louise & Karl comprise the sales team, and all other people are contacts at the account. You can see that Cyril is the main stakeholder, at the highest altitude and with the closest contacts, while Louise shares similar contacts (like Quido) but is closer to Emily and Rachel. Karl’s closest contacts are Thomas and Bee. 

Now look at the contacts who are fading into the blue - these connections are much weaker. Anna, Peter & Xaver are all in deep-blue territory, which should sound alarm bells. Do you need to reestablish your connection with them? Now is the time to get in touch and bring them to higher ground. 

This unique overview feeds you the information necessary for you to assess the history of your accounts and take decisive action. Use your time wisely, pay attention to the right areas of growth, and the apples will fall from the tree. 

How do you install the plugin?

Start your 30-day trial! To install the plugin, simply click on Get in now button. You will be then asked to log into Salesforce and taken to the Installation page. Decide whether you want to install the Account Relationship Mapping in Sandbox or Production, then confirm your selection by hitting the “Confirm and Install” button.

Take it further with Time is Ltd. 

At Time is Ltd. we are just getting started. Companies like Volkswagen are using Salesforce to garner a 360-degree view of their customer engagement in its entirety. Our initiatives support this vision. We are developing analytics to conglomerate account data and feed you with the information you need to take decisive action and keep pace with the future of sales.

Jan Rezab

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