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Top HR Metrics to Look at Monthly

Time is Ltd. team
May 19, 2021
This article summarizes the first five of our Top HR Metrics from the Collaboration Data series.

1. Overtime

Work time surpassing 8 hours in a day or 40 hours in a week is considered overtime by many countries. With excessive overtime, employee satisfaction can plunge, causing an increase in both direct and indirect costs.

  • Make overtime the exception, not the rule
  • Support flexible work schedules
  • Match workforce with the workload

2. Onboarding

From outsider to insider, that's a quality onboarding. Make it fast and effective. And how do you know you do? By understanding how quickly new hires build their networks.

Improve performance, commitment, and job satisfaction with effective onboarding. The longer the onboarding process takes, the lower the chances of achieving that are.

What makes onboarding effective? 3 C:

  • Clarification
  • Confidence
  • Connection

3. Micromanagement

  • Supervision on every meeting
  • Lack of delegation and autonomy
  • Obsession over control
  • Overly detailed reporting
  • CC'ing the boss on every email
  • Management rather than support

Sounds familiar?

Chances are you're struggling with micromanagement. Either on the receiving end or as the manager. Will these cause problems to your team? Depends on the type of the team or organization and its structure. Leadership IQ suggests: six hours is the optimum time superiors should spend with their employees each week. What are the stakes when you surpass the 6 hours time allocation? Find out here.

4. Collaboration Overload

Why pay attention to collaboration overload? Because it's detrimental to employees' focus rate and productivity. It fragments peoples' work time and forces them to quickly switch between different tasks, which costs them a crucial loss of concentration for more engaged work.

Cultivating a collaboration culture where no one says how much is too much will undermine employees' well-being and retention in the long run.

Want to know what the benchmark for healthy usage of emails is? Check it out.

5. Multitasking

The monthly cost of meetings in a 40 people company? $15,000 in Time is Ltd. Imagine the cost on the scale of hundreds or thousands of people.

You want to use such an amount to its full potential. To do so, you need to eliminate everything that reduces the effectiveness of your meetings - like multitasking in its most common form of writing emails or IMs during meetings.

Such practices are detrimental to our performance. Learn more about how we work with the Multitasking metric.

Which metrics do you think are the most relevant to your team or organization? Let us know.

At Time is Ltd., we measure digital collaboration and productivity without ever sacrificing employee privacy. We provide an advanced analytical SaaS platform that delivers a holistic view of an organization's collaboration patterns. We measure your team's digital footprint to improve communication, productivity as well as save precious time. Our approach only aggregates meta-data from a variety of data sources to show how your teams work with your collaboration tools so you can get them more productive and motivated.

Time is Ltd. team

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