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Productivity Newsletter #2: Jan’s Updates — Big News from Time is Ltd.

Jan Rezab


April 22, 2020


min read

If you have 1 minute, our update:

Time is Ltd. got funding!

At Time is Ltd. we are proud to announce our €3M investment led by Mike Chalfen, and it is a great honor to have him on our board. Mike was followed by Accel (Luca Bocchio). Accel invested in companies like Facebook or Dropbox, and we are particularly proud it’s one of their first regional investments.

This investment will focus primarily on building our time analytics platform. At Time is Ltd. we believe that there is a need for a mind-shift in thinking about productivity. We post about it on #ThrivingThursdays and #FrustratedFridays on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

If you have 3 minutes, from time-related news:

Techcrunch had the exclusive coverage of our funding announcement. Czech Forbes covered our interest in tackling Meetingitis (Having so many meetings that you can’t get your work done.)

(if you do not speak Czech, translating might take a little more than 3 minutes :-)

Top comments on the funding announcement:

Mike Chalfen Investor

I am thrilled to lead the seed round in @timeisltd which uses data to analyze & manage enterprises’ productivity. A brilliant team addressing a huge data-driven opportunity. … So energized that the awesome @janrezab chose me as his partner

Luca Bocchio Accel Investor

Super excited by @janrezab and Cyril Höschl of @timeisltd. We’re partnering early with these awesome entrepreneurs, as they’re solving an increasing pain point for enterprise: unproductive time at work! cc @chalfs: … #AccelFamily #Productivity

Mari Smith Top Facebook Marketing Expert

Time is Ltd. uses data from @SlackHQ and other cloud software to help companies improve productivity. ⏳📈👏🏻 CONGRATS to my longtime friend @janrezab, founder of @socialbakers and now @timeisltd!! 😊

You have 5 minutes, What is new at Time is Ltd. besides the funding?

  1. Time is Ltd. Workplace Productivity Analytics & Insights Platform — We will launch our platform at the end of May.
  2. Org chart builder — We are creating a unique org chart builder to make organizational charts easy and interconnected with other systems finally. We want org charts to reflect the true complexity and humanity of the corporate hierarchy.
  3. We are hiring … a lot. Every month, we are growing fast, and that is not about to stop yet. No Xbox, no table football, no multisport, just the most amazing team and software to work on. We are lucky enough that our work involves Machine learning, AI, great scalable platform development, and Data expertise.
  4. New look (logo) and website — we launched a new website, and we got a new look.

We support brave managers and companies that strive to:

We want people who get it. We want to speak to you and support you on this journey.

Are you in? Let me know :)

Have the time of your life,
Jan Rezab
Time is Limited

P.S.: Thanks to the Forbes team for the idea, we got very inspired by Forbes Espresso (Czech only) and thanks to Czech Forbes for featuring us on 13th March.

Disclaimer: This is a newsletter written by founder Jan Rezab with his thoughts and updates about his company Time is Ltd.


At Time is Ltd., we measure digital collaboration and productivity, without ever sacrificing employee privacy. We provide an advanced analytical SaaS platform that delivers a holistic view of an organization collaboration patterns. We measure your team’s digital footprint to improve communication, productivity as well as save precious time. Our approach only aggregates meta-data from a variety of data sources, to show how your teams work with your collaboration tools so you can get them more productive and motivated.


Jan Rezab

Founder & CEO of @timeisltd