Productivity Newsletter #1: New Things I Do & Time is Ltd.

Jan Rezab


May 21, 2020


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After founding Socialbakers in 2008 and building it to where it is today, having handed over the day to day management — it was time for a new company. During the time when Socialbakers grew I realized more and more that my company was harder to understand without having access to better data — and sales figures were really not enough. I started my new venture Time is Ltd. with the intention to tell the story behind a new KPI that we might have forgotten to measure — time.

If you have 1 minute, our update:
Time is Ltd. — My primary focus will now be around my “new” Time is Limited company. We have been working under the radar for a while, and now we can help recognize:

Or maybe just read about why I founded Time is Ltd. in a longer article (5 minutes)

If you have 3 minutes, from time-related news:

You have 5 minutes, what we do:
Meeting rating — We are looking for companies that are willing to give each other quick feedback on meetings. We developed a free tool for that: Meeting Rater and we found that if people give each other feedback they become the owner’s of the meeting experience and improve the way meetings are organized and managed. Do you want to try on your own? Rate your first meetings here:

Feedback is a gift, so if you guys try it, we would love your feedback.

Time is Ltd. first dashboards & Sociomapping. We are deploying the first dashboards for clients. This is perhaps the most exciting stage — and the thing that we are finding is — the data is really there. For companies that have thousands of people, we are not loading millions, but hundreds of millions of internally public Slack data. We are understanding how the internal time spent is affecting it, and we are creating our MVP, in our case called MLP :) Minimum Lovable Product. So brace yourselves for starting to understand time more, we are finally here.

Sociomapping — We have also integrated Sociomapping into our platform to visualise time & communication flow, we think its the best way to understand how a company really works from the inside and the dynamics of the cooperation. Check out an example below. I will get more into sociomapping next time.

The data is already there, so we have to start leveraging it.

Have the time of your life,
Jan Rezab
Time is Limited.

P.S.: Thanks to the Forbes team for the idea, we got very inspired by Forbes Espresso

Disclaimer: This is a newsletter written by founder Jan Rezab with his thoughts and updates about his company Time is Ltd.


Jan Rezab

Founder & CEO of @timeisltd