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Jan Rezab


May 21, 2020


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Time is Ltd. launched a very exciting new feature that alerts you instantly about potential issues or positive trends. We call it Alert View and it’s a game-changer! Here’s why…
Proprietary Sociomapping visualization at Time is Ltd. Platform

Our analytics platform, Time is Limited, enables you to see how teams utilize their time, where it was consumed, and other collaboration patterns that are costing valuable resources. These trends can help you reduce inefficiencies and save your company significant time, energy, and money.

Even though we have beautifully designed charts, you still needed to pour over a lot of data. Of course, it can be a pain to dig into it and find meaningful insights that could be turned into actionable tactics. Yes, we get it, you’re probably a data geek, but your time is valuable too. So we just made things a whole lot easier with Alert View.

Proprietary Sociomapping visualization at Time is Ltd. Platform

What is Alert View?

These alerts spot inconsistent behavior based on historical data. In other words, our algorithms can identify patterns that are trending towards an unexpected direction. A small change like this might be overlooked, but it could also become a bigger problem later.

Alert View: Select your own metrics to get alerted about! Time is Ltd. analytics platform.

That’s why we designed this feature; we wanted to take out the manual work and alert you automatically when a potential change arises. If you receive an alert, it might not be important, or it could be something you want to address right away. On the other hand, it could also be a positive change that was a direct result of a manager’s decision. Either way, Alert View allows you to keep your ‘thumb on the pulse’ without wasting time.

How Does Alert View Help Me?

Alert View is here to help encourage excellent team collaboration and navigate potential troublesome areas for improvement.

Some examples include:

Now you can get actionable insights immediately so you can work towards addressing problem areas by the department.

It tracks changes across three important categories on a monthly basis:

  1. Collaboration Productivity
  2. Employee Well-Being and Productivity
  3. Leadership

In each category, we look at several topics that may be problematic and could harm productivity. These can include micromanagement, meeting overload, overtime, meetings that involve too many participants, or those that are planned last minute.

What We’ve Learned & How You Can Benefit from Alert View

Through using behavioral science, we have found that clients see the best results — and much faster — when they provide positive feedback towards employees who exhibit a change in their behavior towards the desired direction.

We recommend you take these steps first:

  1. Praise departments that are improving
  2. Watch those that are not (and offer support)
  3. Get inspired by those that are consistently doing well in a specific area so that you can learn and define best practices to help others

For each topic, we have set a benchmark value that departments should aim to achieve. Depending on whether you get closer or move further away from that value will determine which category your performance falls under (Praise /Watch/ or Get Inspired by) for that specific month.

Alert View Dashboard at Time is Ltd. analytics platform: Teams changing their meeting behavior over time.

What Does That Look Like in Context?

For example, it is useful to see that if you are striving with your teams to decrease the number of meetings, you want to know how they are doing. There might be a particular team consistently increasing the number of meetings over to 3 months — the alert view will clearly show that! If another team is doing well — they will fall under the Praise category, and you can highlight them as a positive example. No matter where your team falls under the scale, we provide a brief recommendation with helpful resources and inspiration to get you on the right track. We also offer a more detailed section with compelling visualizations to help you learn more in the process.

Alert View Dashboard at Time is Ltd. analytics platform: Teams changing their meeting behavior over time.

The Takeaway

Alert View is going to change the way clients take advantage of our robust analytics platform. These notifications will empower them to achieve immediate results faster than ever before. It will also visualize and demonstrate ROI from behavioral course correction while measuring productivity in an unprecedented way. This is the future…People Analytics is here, and it will help us optimize and boost efficiency. As a result, our greatest asset will flourish, and that’s improving the wellness of our employees.

Learn more about Alert View and getting touch with a representative

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