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Org Chart - Frequently Asked Questions

Org Chart
April 24, 2023
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Welcome to the FAQ section for the Org Chart Builder tool! Here, we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about our tool to help you better understand its features and capabilities. Whether you are a small business owner or a HR professional, our Org Chart Builder can help you create professional and accurate organizational charts in minutes. Read on to find answers to common questions about our tool, and feel free to reach out to us ( if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Where can I download my invoice?

To download your invoice, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Org Chart account using your Google Account credentials.
  2. Click on your Avatar or Profile Picture at the top right corner of the screen.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select "Manage Subscription."
  4. Scroll down the page to find the "Invoice History" section.
  5. Here, you can view and download your past invoices.

How can I log in with a Google account?

  1. Open the Org Chart website.
  2. Click on the "Continue in with Google" button.
  3. You will be redirected to a Google sign-in page.
  4. If you are already logged in to your Google account, you may be asked to confirm that you want to allow the app or website to access your Google account information.
  5. If you are not logged in to your Google account, choose Google Account to sign in.
  6. You will get redirected back to the app or website.

How can I log in if I forget the credentials?

For users logging in to the Org chart with their user name and password:

If you forget your password, the first step is to try resetting it by clicking on a, Don't remember your password link and following the steps provided.

For users logging in to Org chart with Google Account:

Follow the instructions provided by Google.

Why am I unable to log in to my Org Chart account?

  • Incorrect username or password: The most common reason for login issues is that the username or password entered is incorrect. Double-check that you have entered your login credentials correctly. If your problem with login persists, see FAQ #2.
  • Technical issues: There may be technical issues preventing you from logging in to your org chart, such as server downtime or connectivity issues. Try again later or contact us at for more updates.
  • Browser issues: Sometimes, login issues may be caused by the web browser. Try clearing your browser cache and cookies, and make sure your browser is updated.
  • Security settings: If your security settings are too high or when you are using a VPN, this may be blocking you from logging in to your org chart application. Try adjusting your security settings or disconnecting from the VPN and logging in again.

I have an issue with login- I created my account before June 2022

  1. Duplicate accounts: This happens when you create one account using your Google account and a second account using your email address and password.
  2. Access issues: If you have Org Chart data associated with your email address account and then log in with your Google account, you may lose access to your Org Chart data.

Contact the support team ( for assistance.

How should the CSV import file be formatted correctly? Is there any CSV import template?

Please follow this link, and copy a template for a correctly filled CSV file.

Do not leave required fields empty, and do not delete or re-order columns. It will ensure that the columns are mapped correctly to their respective fields.

How can I synchronize my Org Chart with Google Workspace?

We offer two Google Workspace synchronization options. 

  • One-way synchronization - does not synchronize changes with Google Workspace:
  • Information from Google Workspace will get synchronized to the Org chart but not vice versa. It includes any changes to the employee data in the Org Chart, such as adding or removing employees, changing job titles, or modifying department structures. Instead, you would need to manually update the employee's information in Google Workspace to reflect the change.
  • Two-way synchronization - synchronizes changes with Google Workspace:
  • With two-way synchronization, the employees' data get synchronized between both systems in both directions. 
  • You cannot edit email addresses and employee IDs in the Org chart.

I cannot create the Org Chart synced with Google Workspace even when I am superadmin.

  • The first thing to check is whether you have enabled access to third-party applications. See this link for further instructions.
  • Secondly, ensure that your employees in Google Workspace have filled in a department information or manager.

Why don't I see employees from Google Workspace in the synced Org Chart?

  1. You are not a super-admin: If you are not a Google Workspace account super-admin, you may not have the necessary permissions to sync user data with your Org Chart.
  2. Your super-admin did not grant permission: Without the Google Workspace managing permissions, you can not sync user data with your Org Chart account. Check with your super-admin to confirm that you have the required permissions.
  3. Expired token: If the Google Workspace token has expired, it could prevent user data from syncing correctly. You will get alerted about token expiration and see an option to reconnect to the Google workspace. Please, note that Google Workspace can be connected only by a person with an Org chart and Google Workspace admin rights.
  4. Missing required user information: Missing user information in your Google Workspace account could prevent the user data from syncing with your Org Chart. Ensure that all necessary fields, such as name, email address, department, and subordinates, are filled in correctly for each user in your Google Workspace account.

Why don't I see profile photos of the employees in the Org Chart synced with the Google Workspace?

  1. The employee has not uploaded a profile photo: If the employee has no profile photo in their Google Workspace account, their profile photo will not be visible in the Org Chart.
  2. The photo sync feature is disabled: By default, Google Workspace has enabled syncing profile photos to the Org Chart. However, disabling this setting will stop profile photos from syncing in the Org Chart. You can check the settings in your Google Workspace Admin console to see if the photo sync feature is enabled.
  3. The employee has restricted their profile photo visibility: Employees can limit the visibility of their profile photo only to specific groups or individuals. If an employee has restricted their profile photo visibility and you are not in the allowed group, then their profile photo will not be visible to you.
  4. To update the employee's profile photo in the Org Chart, you may need to manually upload their new photo to the employee's Google Workspace account.
  5. Note that profile photo synchronization typically occurs during the initial synchronization. Any changes to the profile photos after creating the Org chart may not get synced in the Org chart.

What are the Custom Fields? (PRO)

Custom fields are visible on employee profiles and store and display additional information beyond the standard fields provided by the Org Chart software. You can customize them to fit the specific needs of your organization.

The Org Chart offers four options for custom fields:

  1. Text- Employee's address, project assignment, etc.
  2. Time picker -  date of hire, etc.
  3. Dropdown - skills, certifications, etc... You can show/hide dropdowns on the employee cards.
  4. Connection - You can choose between a dotted line, a dashed line, and a solid line connection. These connections are used in the Org chart to represent different types of relationships between employees. A dashed line and dotted line are similar in appearance and can be used to indicate temporary or advisory relationships. A solid line, on the other hand, is often used to represent a direct reporting relationship between two employees.

Custom fields can be used to:

Revolutionize your Learning and Development

Elevate Onboarding Processes

Maximize Employee Performance

Improve Employee Satisfaction

Optimize Hiring Processes

Important: Custom fields are not part of the Org Chart export and are not synced with Google Workspace. They are not part of the duplicated Org Chart, except the dotted line.

How can I set up the logo?(PRO)

Setting up the logo for your account is a straightforward process. To do so, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account and navigate to the Settings section.
  2. Select the General tab from the menu.
  3. Click on the "Upload Logo" button.
  4. Choose the image file you want to upload as the logo.
  5. Adjust the logo's position and size as needed.
  6. Click "Save Changes" to apply the logo to your Org Chart.

How can I add new members to our company Org Chart?

  1. Send email invitation: Org chart owners and admins can invite others to join their Org chart. Users are added by clicking the Share button, typing in the new user's email, and selecting their role.
  2. Confirm invitation: The new user receives the invitation email. They should confirm it by clicking on the confirmation link.
  3. Redirect to the main page: The user is redirected to the Org Chart main page as soon as they confirm the invitation.
  4. Log in with Google account: To create an account on the Org Chart, the user needs to sign in with a Google account.
  5. Start using the Org Chart: The user's account is created. They can start using the Org Chart.

What different user roles are available?

An admin: As an admin, a user has the highest level of access and control over the Org Chart. They can make any changes to the Org Chart, including editing employee information, adding or removing employees, creating new org charts, and deleting org charts. They also can manage user permissions and access levels for other admins, editors, and viewers.

Editor: As an editor, a user can edit the Org Chart. It includes editing employee information, adding new employees, sending invitation emails, creating shareable links, and more. However, they cannot delete the Org Chart entirely and can't access the Org Chart sharing settings. 

A viewer: As a viewer, a user has only read access to the Org chart. They can only duplicate your Org Chart.

How can I share my Org Chart with a shareable link?

  1. Log in to your Org Chart and select the Org Chart you want to share.
  2. Click on the Share button at the top left corner.
  3. Select the Sharable link option from the left menu and click on the Create link button (Note, if you do not see the button, but instead there is a link, it already exists.)
  4. Optional: You can limit the link visibility and share it with one or multiple domains. Type the domains into a box below your link and use a comma to separate them.
  5. Once the shareable link is ready, copy the link to your clipboard.
  6. Share the link with the person or people you want to share your Org Chart with. 

How can I duplicate my Org Chart?

Open your Org Chart and navigate to the gear icon at the top left corner. Scroll down the General settings page and click the Duplicate Org Chart button.

Where and how can I export my Org Chart?

Open your Org Chart and navigate to the Export settings at the top left corner. By default, we offer CSV export. Pro users can also choose between PDF and PNG export. Learn more about Pro subscription here.

My Org Chart is too big. Can I resize it?

Yes, you certainly can. To achieve this, click the Compact View button

Click the Standard View button to switch your Org Chart to a default view.

Can I customize the color of my Org Chart?

You can customize the department's color by selecting the respective department and clicking the Pencil Icon (Edit department option). You'll see an option to choose between 10 default colors.

What are the differences between the Free and PRO plans?

Here are just a few of the key differences between the Free and PRO plans:

  • More customization options: With the PRO version, you can customize your Org Chart with custom fields. It is great for adding information about your employees, such as education, courses, characteristics, favorite activities, etc. 
  • Dotted line reporting: With a dotted line, you can create a connection with employees from different departments.
  • More Org Chart export options: You can export your Org Chart to PDF, JPEG/PNG. 
  • New option of sharing your Org Chart: You can allow access to the specific domain(s). It increases the level of security.
  • You can upload your company’s logo to your Org Chart.

See a more detailed comparison of our plans here.

How can I manage my subscription?

All users who purchased the Pro subscription can access the Manage subscription settings. To access it click on your Avatar on the right side.

How can I delete my account?

Only the Org Chart owner can request their Org Chart deletion. Please, contact the support team ( for further assistance with the deletion process.

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