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Org Chart - First Dotted Line Reporting In the World

Org Chart
April 25, 2023
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Creating a realistic Org Chart reflecting how your organization works is very important. By default, we let you show direct relationships in your organization. Use our PRO Dotted Line functionality to showcase the dotted line reporting between people who aren't in direct relationships.

How do I use Dotted line reporting?

You also get to choose from several Options:

  • Display line on the Org chart - check if you want your line to be visible on the Org chart. Otherwise, you will only see this connection on the employee's detail as a value for the custom field.
  • Change color - pick the best-fitting color
  • Dotted line drop-down menu - choose one of the three available line types

Next, go back to your Org chart, open the employee's detail and select CEO's name as a value for your field.

Et voila! Your dotted line reporting is ready.

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Article by
Time is Ltd. team
Article by
Time is Ltd. team

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