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5 Tips: How to Build a Perfect Org Chart in a Few Minutes

Org Chart
March 16, 2023
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Organizational charts are a crucial tool for businesses to create a visual representation of their company's structure, hierarchy, and reporting relationships. However, creating an org chart can seem like a daunting task, especially if the company has a complex structure. But don't worry - with a few practical tips, you can create a clear and concise organizational chart that will benefit your business in the long run.

In this article, we'll provide you with some top tips for creating effective organizational charts, including defining the purpose of the chart, understanding your company's structure, identifying key roles and responsibilities, using appropriate tools, and keeping the chart updated regularly.

Define the purpose of your organizational chart

How do you intend to use your organizational chart? Will it assist your new employees with navigation inside the company? Or does your HR need an org chart to stop their head from spinning from all the open positions? It can be as simple as building an organizational chart for your project. Maybe you are a Sales Director and want to create an organizational chart for all your clients - this is a great way to map your client relationships.

Understand your structure and keep it up to date

Let's start by saying that creating an organizational chart might be a challenging task. First, you have to have a perfect understanding of the structure you want to convert to an org chart, and if that is not hard enough, you also need to keep up with changes. Nobody wants to look at an outdated org chart! If you use Google Workspace Directory, our Org Chart Builder's sync will keep your chart updated.

Select the best tool for you

Some companies prefer tables. Nothing wrong with that! It is accessible, easy to build, and allows customization. The best thing about a table? It can be exported anytime and imported to a graphic Org Chart Builder like ours. Various tools let you build your chart manually. Users who use Google Workspace Directory for tracking their employees and changes can leverage our sync and create an organizational chart in one click!

Customize and personalize

You may think you don't need to customize anything, but it's likely you will need custom values soon. Adding a new column to tables is an easy solution. If you don't use tables, choose a tool with custom field options. In our Org Chart Builder, you can create custom fields for employee cards, such as for vacations or hobbies.

Export and share

You can share your org chart in various ways. Exporting as png or pdf lets you add it to presentations and materials. Sharing with colleagues might be even better. What's a better feeling than showing your final work to others or making them contributors? In our Org Chart Builder, you can create a shareable link to ensure everyone in your company has access to your Org Chart!

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By following our tips, you'll be able to create a useful organizational chart that will help your employees better understand their roles and responsibilities, and streamline communication within your company.

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Article by
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