Empower employees, improve collaboration, and drive team performance

Improved Team Performance =
Stronger Company Performance

Leverage a data-powered coaching solution tailored to team leader's specific needs and goals
  • Empower team leaders with actionable recommendations
  • Allow them to set goals to drive incremental success over time
  • Increase employee engagement & empower teams

Focus on what matters most
to your team

Employee Experience
Identify sources of disengagement & foster collaboration to create happier & more productive teams.
Leadership Insight
Do you have enough 1+1's? Are you delegating effectively. See how to become the best team leader.
Meeting Productivity
Learn how to optimize your meeting size and length.
Team Collaboration
Understand the nature of collaboration within your team.
Cross - Team Collaboration
Interpret collaboration between your's and other teams.
External Collaboration
Follow the development of your team's external collaboration.
Employee Wellbeing
Identify and resolve problems that are hurting team engagement.
Work Time of Your Team
See what your team spends their work time on.

Create an action plan to boost team productivity, engagement and performance.

Team leaders need to understand how their teams operate. Meetings, email, and other collaboration tools may be doing more harm than good.

Build happier, more
engaged teams

Precise collaboration and productivity goals are critical for building a successful team.

Time is Ltd. delivers unique recommendations based on your company's collaboration data.

A decision your team, boss, and
CEO will thank you for

Increase employee engagement, empower leaders and their teams,
and improve the culture across your company successfully.

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A data-driven approach to understanding and improving employee experience onboarding, meeting culture, and email in your organization.