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Develop a culture that empowers employee engagement & collaboration

A more effective, collaborative, and satisfied workforce is possible. With fully integrated platform analytics from services like Google Workspace, Slack, Zoom, and Salesforce, leadership teams can identify and resolve obstructions to employee engagement and productivity.

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Revolutionize the way your company works with insights from 400+ collaboration, communication, and engagement metrics & visualizations
Leadership and HR teams use Time is Ltd. Analytics to identify and improve internal workforce dynamics. Our clients use Time is Ltd. Analytics to solve a range of issues:

Meeting Culture

Save thousands of hours by making meetings more productive

Unfortunately, many companies have poor internal meeting cultures. Employees frequently suffer from meeting overload, meetings without agendas, and/or minimal outcomes.
Time is Ltd. Analytics will help you identify the causes of inefficiencies, take the steps to fix them

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Productivity Blockers

Eliminate inefficiencies, increase focus, and improve the employee experience

Are your employees hit with constant slack messages, emails, notifications, meeting invitations, and more?
Communication tool sprawl is real, and it disrupts employees' focus time. With a clear understanding of employee communication patterns, you’ll be armed with insight to execute positive change and increase team productivity.

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Work from Home Analytics

Find the right work environment — and the right tools — to build productive, happy teams

Full office re-openings, hybrid models, and fully-remote WFH each present their own challenges to productivity.
Time is Ltd. Analytics provides a landscape overview of how your teams work, and how productive and collaborative they are in every scenario.

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Key Features


Sociomapping is a unique visualization of ONA (Organizational Network Analysis). Your brain perceives in spatial terms; someone is close, someone is far. Reading maps is an intuitive thing to do. We leverage this human skill and visualize the data through geographical maps.

Alert Views

Be aware of trends with different impact on organizational efficiency. Issues are frequently systemic, collaboration settings, and communication culture. Whenever something changes, Time is Ltd. platform will inform which trends are there to praise and which trends to watch out for.

Productivity KPIs

Time is Ltd. helps clients establish meaningful KPIs that correspond to organizational productivity, communication efficiency, time&money saved or wasted, successful communication behavior in sales, team stability, and more.

Protect & Aggregate

To protect individual data, we aggregate on the team level (minimum size). Team aggregation serves us to filter out misleading details of our communication behavior and focus on the more significant trends in the collaboration that are company-wide.

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Truly visualize your team dynamics

See exactly how “close” sales is to marketing, individual contributors are to their department leader, and much more. Our proprietary sociomapping visualizations provide an intuitive and insightful view of your organization’s dynamic.

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Save Time & Increase Revenue

Leadership teams can eliminate inefficiencies and augment positive behavioral patterns by leveraging insights from a host of KPIs focused on productivity, communication, and collaboration. For example, imagine your top selling AE’s communication and collaboration style being emulated throughout the sales team.

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We’re Not Big Brother

Protecting personal privacy is a cornerstone value at Time is Ltd. All Personal Identifiable Information (PII) data is anonymized and aggregated, and you can feel at ease knowing that using Time is Ltd. does not mean sacrificing personal privacy.

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Fully Integrated Platform Analytics

Do you want to analyze different data source? Let us know.
Our platform analyzes your entire communication and collaboration ecosystems — without ever asking a question.

Integrate all of your communication and collaboration tools into Time is Ltd. and prioritize those that matter most to your team. You’ll have a landscape view of your entire internal ecosystem. Not only will you understand how your company operates, but you can also calculate the ROI of your software investments.

Implement more tools

Create Robust Analyses from Passive Data

The more resources you have, the more comprehensive understanding you’ll gain about your teams’ communication flow. 

Companies have several communication tools which can hinder effective collaboration. The bigger the organization, the more complicated the communication. Learn how teams use these resources so you can build the right combination to better your physical and digital workspace. 

We always work with data in a privacy-minded way

Data privacy is embedded in our core. We aggregate the data on a team level, NOT individual. We ONLY provide anonymized data, so we protect our clients and ourselves. We ONLY gather the digital footprint teams leave in collaboration tools (meta-data), and we NEVER reveal the actual text of the message.

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Gain a comprehensive understanding of your teams’ communications flows

Use the data you already have to find communications bottlenecks across your teams. Modern companies often have several tools for collaboration, and individual teams may have even more. Time is Ltd. Analytics will help you identify and reduce barriers to collaboration, improve employee engagement, and build more productive teams.

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Adapt to the always-changing employee communications landscape

Digital transformation takes time, and gauging its successes and failures requires robust analysis. With Time is Ltd. Analytics, you can see how collaboration changes over time with our sophisticated sociomapping intelligence, and help your teams communicate and collaborate seamlessly.

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Privacy is a top priority

Data privacy is embedded in the core of our organization. Time is Ltd. Analytics aggregates data at the team level, not individual. We only provide anonymized, aggregated data, and we only gather the digital footprint teams leave in collaboration tools (meta data).

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Visualize How Teams Collaborate

Build better, more effective physical and digital workspaces

Sociomapping visualizes the current and optimal team setup, and reveals potential pain points. These data-driven insights will help you build teams that are engaged and empowered to be as productive as they can be. Managing digital transformation is made easier, you can analyze communications patterns, and develop teams structured around effective, productive collaboration.

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What’s the process of implementation?

It is not that difficult, we promise. Check out our implementation page.


What our partners say

“We used Time is Ltd. analysis to understand meeting patterns of our team and identify areas to improve. Subsequently, we changed several practices such as meeting length and frequency but also their focus and content. Doing so, we freed up people’s time for other valuable interactions and focused individual work.”

Petr Smid, Google, Head of Marketing CEE

“Thanks to the Time is Ltd. analysis we found valuable and interesting correlations between successful customer care, product, and service offering on one side and on the other side correlation with sociodemographic characteristics of ČS advisors and clients.”

Filip Hrubý, Spokesperson, Financial group of ČS (ERSTE Group)

Interesting numbers

Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review research shows that out of the "surveyed 182 senior managers in a range of industries: 65% said meetings keep them from completing their own work. 71% said meetings are unproductive and inefficient. 64% said meetings come at the expense of deep thinking. 62% said meetings miss opportunities to bring the team closer together."

(Perlow, Hadley, Eun; 2017, Stop the meeting madness, Harvard Business Review)