Winning Strategies for Maximizing Sales Team Performance with Data

Watch how our CEO, Jan Rezab, discusses new and evolving ways to manage your sales team effectively.

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Improving revenue is a top priority for CROs and Sales Leaders, so join us to learn tips on how to best structure your team's collaboration to drive the bottom line.  

For communication with external partners to be effective, it is important to know if people are spending the right amount of time with the right external partners and prospects. With the proper tools, you can look at  how much time is spent on each external partner via meetings, emails and messages.

With the power of Time is Ltd. you can view:  

  • External Engagement - Track how your revenue facing teams interact with prospects and clients. Leverage these insights and introduce best collaboration practices for driving customer acquisition & retention.
  • Deploying Internal Resources - Are your sales teams inundated with internal meetings? Are they bringing the right internal colleagues to external meetings? See the best practices for driving revenue
  • Better Revenue Generation - Drive more revenue by ensuring your sales & customer success teams are spending the right amount of time with each prospect, based on deal size, expected close rate, and more.

Tune in to our webinar to learn how to utilize external engagement data. Enhance and arm your managers with the best information available to them to elevate their sales teams.