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Org Chart available on:

Connect via Google Workspace
Save time by importing your Google Workspace contacts. Their details synchronize automatically, so the work is done for you.
Compact department view
See the bigger picture of your entire employee network. All teams and employees are visible on a single view.
Share & collaborate
Create sharable link to allow your colleagues access to your Org Chart. Easily manage who can view/edit to keep details up-to-date.
Directory of contacts
All unassigned employees & departments are accessible in your Directory, so changes are swift and their details retained.
User centricity
Org Chart enables you to easily visualize your organizational structure using instant synchronization with Google Workspace. Drag and drop employees to their respective positions in Org Chart and simultaneously manage your directory via Google Workspace. You can also simply share your Org Chart with other collaborators or export your data to a PDF.

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